Status page sad path


Database connection failure


Given salume supplier app is up and running
And database is down

When a client requests status page

Then the content type is TEXT_PLAIN_CHARSET_UTF8
Then the status page has http status code OK
Then the applicantion name and version is "Salume Supplier DEV"
Then the status of the app is "FAILING"
Then the app version in the status page is the implementation version in the manifest
Then the database status is "FAILING"

Test results:

Test passed

Interesting Givens

Supplier Status Page: http://localhost:8282/salume/supplier/status

Status page request from Client to Supplier


Status page response from Supplier to Client

Salume Supplier DEV is: FAILING Version: ${project.version} Database connections is: FAILING

Sequence Diagram

Client Client Supplier Supplier Status page request Status page response